What is Potential Difference?

Potential Difference is a newsletter looking at electric propulsion and eco-friendly boating on the waterways of the UK. 

The aim is to publish an edition on a weekly basis Friday with the possibility of additional specials should the need arise. 

What is the motivation behind Potential Difference?

The waterways of the UK are more popular than ever with people living, working and doing business on the network. In addition, many people have discovered the benefits of spending time near their local canal or river for relaxation or exercise.

Much of what is published doesn’t seem to cover the need to address climate change and for everyone to do what they can to make the environment fit for everyone.

The thinking behind Potential Difference is to highlight the work of a growing number of boat builders and associated business who are changing the direction towards a greener future.

Who’s behind Potential Difference?

The newsletter is published by Phil Pickin who has been working in the waterways magazine sector for many years. His work has been published in a number of magazines as have his pictures. To see examples of his work please visit his website or follow him on Twitter.

Why should I subscribe?

The newsletter is currently free and by subscribing you will receive each edition to your inbox as soon as it is published. 

However, if you would like to make a monthly donation of £5 donation it would be greatly appreciated. Potential Difference is hosted on the Substack platform and it is via them that the donations are made. Donations will help this newsletter continue and to grow so every donation is very gratefully received.


If you have any suggestions as to subject matter we might like to cover in Potential Difference please drop us a line.

We would be interested to receive information on subjects like new products, services or any issues linked to the subject of environmentally friendly boating on the waterways.


All of the material within Potential Difference is copyright Phil Pickin and cannot be reproduced without permission. Please drop him a line to discuss the reproduction of any material seen within this newsletter.